Micro-Smart Systems

Our Mission

Manufacture easy to use purpose directed tools so our clients can safely complete their job.

Our Vision

Help people perform difficult and dangerous tasks by creating safe and easy-to-use tools that perform a specific function. We want to provide SMART technology to every man and woman to safely perform difficult tasks.

Values – S.M.A.R.T

We incorporate SMART methodology into every tool to better meet our client’s specific goal. Each tool we design and manufacture must be SAFE and Simple to use, Modular, Accurate, Reliable and Tough enough to complete its specific task.


We are group of engineers who design tools that are primarily used in the oil industry.


We design tools primarily for downhole oilfield operations. Our tools control detonation downhole, open and close wells downhole, non-explosively dump material in a well, as well as monitor and record pressure and temperature. We also design tools for other industries such as Marine, Geothermal and Medical.


We are located in Houston, TX USA, but have a presence worldwide.

The Paper Clip

It all started in 1988 with a paper clip. Two engineers were working on a memory pressure temperature gauge and discovered a problem. Field workers were having to lug around numerous cases of equipment. Oilfield tools were like 8 foot stainless steel 1.5” straws (Problem 1). Field Engineers had so many cases to handle that often a computer was missed (Problem 2). Oilfield equipment was often thrown in the back of a truck and hauled to the wellsite on bumpy roads (Problem 3). Back then the most popular mobile computer was a Compaq that looked like a suitcase. In order to solve these problems the engineers came up with a design that was modular to break the oilfield tool into smaller sections and be tough enough to handle the conditions. Lastly, the could the tool be programmed without the use of a computer? The engineers said YES! They came up with a design that allowed the user to dial in the most common types of tests and it could be dialed in with a paper clip.

Solving those three problems inspired the design of most Micro-SMART tools. The tools must be Simple to Use, like using a paper clip to program the tool. Modular, broken down into smaller sections for ease of transporting and ease of troubleshooting. They had to be Accurate. Pressure and Temperature is the most important information from an oil well. It’s similar to a doctor taking temperature and blood pressure. The tools must be Reliable. When an operator is recording data, they want to ensure that after the test, they have the data they recorded. Lastly, the tool must be able to survive the environment in which it is run. The tool must be TOUGH! It has to be able to handle the transportation to the well site and it must be able to endure the toughest environment in the world, downhole.

Thus the name Micro-SMART Systems was born. Microprocessors to make decisions downhole based on well conditions, eliminating human error. SMART for Simple, yet SAFE, Modular, Accurate, Reliable and Tough. Systems because we design and manufacture systems to perform a specific task. Micro-SMART Systems.

SMART tools that will make your job easier.
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